Fitting yourself for a bra – no pictures!

Hi all.
Just recently I have been refitted for a new bra…. I’m not a B like I thought but a DD! I’ve been wearing the wrong sized bra! My band size I had right though 12.

And that’s right no pictures!
Sorry not about to expose myself to the world!

Here are some helpful tips and links to help you get the right bra size etc:

Tighten the shoulder straps until the fullness of your breasts are half way between your shoulder and your elbow.

The centre front of your bra should lie flat against the breastbone. If it doesn’t, it’s telling you to go up a cup size.

The cup of your bra should cover your breast comfortably – they shouldn’t be bulging out or not fully filling the cup.

Wear your bra according to what you do… Sports bra for sports. Normal bra for normal everyday wear. Wash bras every 2 days – on a gentle wash in a lingerie bag. (I am yet to get myself a couple of sports bras for when I’m exersizing).

“When to say goodbye: A bra is not a Mercedes. It won‘t last for years. Slightly worn bras that just don’t fit anymore can be donated, but dead bras should be thrown away. Here are some signs that your bra has to go:
When you have to wear your bra on the tightest hook and it’s still roaming around or riding up your back
When the elastic is so stretched out that it doesn’t bounce back anymore
When it’s covered in stains or splotches
When your band or cup has holes in it
When your body has changed and you need a new size
When molded cups have lost their shape
When wires poke through the cup or break
When the hooks are broken or ripped out
When your bust is drooping and your bra no longer does its job”
– this is taken from Linda Unhooked

Tips & Warnings
Bras fit differently among manufactures and you should always try on a bra before you buy it.

It’s better and more accurate if you can have someone else measure you.

For the best fit, measure yourself and evaluate your bras every six months or so.

If you loose or put on weight get refitted for a bra.

Experts recommend to replace your bra every 6-9 months. But really it’s up to you and I’d use the guide listed above. ;)

Good Useful links:
This one is the best so far I’ve found:

Extensive detailed how to: Bras and things (NZ site)

With helpful pictures:

How long does your bra really last? – With tips on how to care for your bras.

I really hope this helps someone to get a correct bra size for themselves.
One thing recurring was to own at least 4-5 pairs of bras so that they don’t breakdown and go loose too fast. Makes your bras last longer if you rotate and have more bras to change into.

All the best. And keep looking beautiful inside and out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing tips from my blog, Linda Unhooked! I have over 25 years of bra fitting experience, and I’m definitely a woman over 40 ;)